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Partnering With Calico


A One-Stop-Shop for all Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Needs

Calico essentially serves as your company's marketing department.  We grant you the freedom to spend as much or as little time as you wish on marketing work.  Our solutions and strategies are tailored to individual business needs and always take into account varying budgetary and human resource constraints. 

Before taking on any client, we first acquire a clear understanding of six-month, one-year and five-year business plans and goals, including investment and exit strategy (if applicable).  We set achievable and stretch goals for short- and long-term market penetration.

Why Go Full-Service?


Businesses that partner with Calico not only receive a dedicated account manager but also access to a team of experienced digital marketing specialists with distinct skillsets.  This diverse talent pool is advantageous for small businesses that have a wide variety of specialized, but short-term needs.  

Our cutting-edge marketing tools also provide clients with a major built-in advantage over any of their competitors that still use free-access keyword/product/market research software.



It is likely that your company will have more than just a single marketing need in its lifetime, and each addition of a new specialist adds more complexity to the equation. Employing multiple specialist agencies means more work for you, as you will need to act as the middleman to manage them all.

We take on this responsibility and simplify the process so you can focus on managing, scaling, and building your business.

Consistency & Synchronization

A well-built integrated marketing system is fundamentally greater than the sum of its parts.  Our core services play an important role at each stage of the customer lifecycle and are mutually reinforcing when implemented synchronously.  

We conduct extensive brand and market research before taking on any client to ensure that (1) we have a thorough understanding of competitors, customers, and growth prospects, and (2) our services are appropriate for client needs, capabilities, and objectives.

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Calico's organizational structure is highly resource-efficient and built for agility. This allows us to tap talent as needed from across the organization and assemble teams for specific, often short-term, marketing initiatives.  We pass these savings on to our clients.

Pricing & Packages

While we do offer some standalone services - namely website development and creative content work - Calico's full-service model is designed to provide clients with superior value to more specialized agencies.

At the same time, we recognize that not all of our solutions are necessary or appropriate for every client. 

Our prices therefore depend on the following variables:

The number and type of online sales and advertising channels we will be managing

The quantity and variety of products/services being marketed

The complexity of your sales model

Need for web development and SEO-optimized content work 

Contact us at or through the form below to receive a free quote!

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