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Brand Development

What Makes Your Business Special?

Calico specializes in helping companies develop a powerful and clear brand purpose that is memorable, meaningful, and highly attuned to the evolving motivations and needs of customers.  We work to ensure a consistent customer experience across all digital touchpoints, from advertising to web design to social media content.  Whether you are launching a new company, a new product or a new service, or simply aiming to carve out a stronger market position, our adaptive branding methodology has you covered.

Integration and consistency are key – nothing undermines a business's value proposition as badly as sloppy or conflicting messaging.  One of the main advantages of Calico's full-service model is that all written or visual content work we perform for clients is fully aligned across all channels:

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Content

  • Ad Copy 

  • Catalogs & Product Listings

  • Customer Communications

  • Email Marketing

Our Integrated Brand Development Process 

Market Analysis & Positioning

We begin the branding process by interviewing your management team, conducting primary market research, identifying competitive gaps, and crafting cogent market positioning.


Design Toolkit

We work with you to assemble the font, color schemes, iconography & imagery guidelines, and other visual specifications for marketing materials.  Each design toolkit is built to reflect a brand's unique identity and value proposition.



We next help you define and articulate the key values and pillars that underpin your brand - the reasons why customers choose your business and keep coming back.  


Content Creation

The final stage is applying brand voice and design guidelines to visual and written content across all marketing and communications channels.  Calico's team of trusted creative partners makes this a seamless and highly cost-effective process. 


Click here to see our photography, video, and design partners and portfolios.

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