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Marketing Strategies & Solutions

Calico's digital marketing strategies are results-focused, sustainable, and tailored to the unique organizational objectives of each client.  We take into account budgetary and human resource constraints and any existing digital marketing and e-commerce capabilities.  


Our goal is not to build an entire new marketing system from the ground up, but to instead leverage a business's existing strengths to develop and implement digital marketing goals that are clear, measurable, and aligned with the rest of the organization. At each stage of the customer lifecycle, we ensure that your marketing budget is invested wisely to maximize profitability and to  close the gap between awareness and acquisition.


We base everything off SMART goals:

Sustainable  –  Growth marketing is a long-term strategy, not a one-stop solution. We ensure that projects are financially sustainable across long and short-term vistas.


Measurable  –  How will we know if this effort has been successful?


Achievable  –  Are the success metrics attainable given timeline, budget and bandwidth constraints?


Relevant  –  Is this effort driving toward clearly identified business goals?


Time-Based  –  Are there clear start and end points for this effort?

Core Marketing Services

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Search Engine Optimization
The Backbone of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Thoughtfully planned Search Engine Optimization ensures your website, products, and services are indexed by Google and appear on relevant searches.


We help improve your position for the keywords you target in organic search engine listings, which will result in more traffic and ultimately more customers.


Our experience delivering SEO success means our clients experience more sales conversion, better monetization on their site, and measurable return on their investment. We achieve this by being data-driven and employing a breadth of resources to ensure optimal performance, including cutting-edge analytics tools, paid search marketing techniques, and offsite backlink building. We combine content marketing with website design, usability and development into results-driven and KPI-led strategies that perform every single time.

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Digital Advertising
Facebook & Instagram | Google | Amazon | Pinterest 

Paid advertising is potentially the greatest lever at your disposal to accelerate growth.  Businesses that use paid advertising correctly are light-years ahead of their competitors.  However, a poorly-designed and executed advertising strategy can also be a colossal waste of money, and comparable to throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.


Calico’s advertising team will work with you to create and execute a plan to wisely spend advertising dollars to drive internet traffic to your website or store.  Our approach is methodical, cost-effective, and performance-based.  We analyze the impact of every dollar spent across every platform and use the data to adjust campaigns accordingly to ensure that your customer base can grow with the smartest and most budget-friendly use of advertising dollars.

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Social Media Management
Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | LinkedIn | Email Marketing

An active and carefully managed social media presence is a necessity for any brand that wants to stay ahead of the curve.  Social media platforms allow businesses to engage with their target audience on a more intimate level than ever before.


Calico is here to help you build meaningful relationships with your audience through creative, relatable, and aesthetic content.  We provide full-service solutions including strategy development, content creation, scheduling, monitoring, and analytics. We also help brand navigate and manage relationships with influencers and other social media partners.

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Research & Reporting

We provide high-level market, product, and customer research for all our clients.  We integrate data on what consumers are doing, with knowledge of why they're doing it, which yields insights into the needs of your target market and how to best meet them. 

We provide clients with regular marketing reports on project performance, opportunities, risks, and recommendations.  Our professional reports are data-based and help businesses acquire a clear understanding of their marketing ROI and how to best allocate their marketing budget across long- and short-term vistas.

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