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E-Commerce Management

Core E-Commerce Services

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Wholesale Automation

For the last twenty years, the digitization of business-to-business (B2B) commerce has lagged far behind business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce penetration.  Currently, only 4% of B2B sales occur online.  But this has started to change quickly.  New digital B2B sales aggregators have made it possible for small businesses to connect with new wholesale customers and simplify B2B transactions while cutting acquisition costs. 

We help our clients streamline, implement, and manage wholesale automation from start-to-finish.

Services & Capabilities:

  • Showcase brand & collections on B2B aggregator platforms and digital trade-shows

  • Easy online order fulfillment & invoicing

  • Ability to directly connect with independent retailers from across North America

  • Accessible analytics and insights, real-time sales reporting

  • Automatic reorder reminders

  • Simplified, one-stop wholesale customer relations management

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Online Store Optimization

Our golden rule for web design is that form follows function.  For small businesses, a website needs to capture traffic and convert leads to sales as quickly and seamlessly as possible.  We help secure your investment in digital marketing and lead generation by ensuring that your online store functions as an effective, efficient sales funnel.

What we focus on:


  • Identifying and eliminating clunky elements that bog down your website.  Improving page loading times lowers your website's bounce-rate and reduces the number of sales lost at checkout.


  • Signposting key information and creating captivating landing pages to steer visitors to the point of purchase 


  • Eliminating unnecessary long-form copy and visual content that makes for a poor user experience

  • Reducing steps between landing pages and conversions

Upselling & Converting Warm Leads

  • Point-of-purchase promotions - a very easy and inexpensive way to boost conversion value

  • Automated abandoned cart email reminders

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Amazon is a crucial sales channel, but also a crowded and not particularly seller-friendly marketplace. 


Calico helps businesses supercharge Amazon sales by creating superb, SEO-optimized listings, improving product positioning, and building customer rapport through review programs and branded content.  We handle all aspects of time-consuming back-end work and help clients navigate the ever-changing requirements and rigorous expectations Amazon has of its sellers.



  • Listing Creation 

  • EBC/A+ Content

  • Competitor and Product Research



  • Keyword Research and Optimization

  • Amazon-Seller Relations and Troubleshooting

  • Amazon Storefront Management

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Shopify is a sophisticated, user-friendly platform that provides all the tools you need to run, grow, and sustain your e-commerce needs.  Shopify’s third-party integration capability allows vendors to sell on Facebook, eBay, and other online marketplaces without having to create and manage multiple product catalogs and SKUs.

We help businesses get the most out of Shopify by ensuring full implementation and compatibility with your online store, managing integration with third-party e-commerce marketplaces, and providing guidance on Shopify-compatible apps and plugins that boost sales and improve customer experience.

Third-Party Integrations

  • Facebook

  • Pinterest


  • Ebay

Customized Services

  • Bundling and Upselling

  • Email Marketing 

  • Loyalty Programs/Promotions

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